Ricki Lake’s Malibu House Burns Down, Owners Furious at Fire Starter

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In tragic recent news, Ricki Lake’s house burned down.  The former daytime talk show host and recent filmmaker was apparently unharmed in the blaze, but the rental property was destroyed by the flames.  Not to mention the property owners are furious over the fire starter and their claims that she did little to put it out.

05 March 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Ricki Lake. 25th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals held at the Nokia Event Deck at L.A. Live. Photo Credit: Michael Jade/AdMedia

According to PopEater, a 911 call came in on Saturday morning from Ricki Lake’s Malibu home.  She was able to make it to nearby safely with her two sons and dog.  The fire was bad enough for some time to close down the Pacific Coast Highway though.  Some witnesses said the flames rose as high as 30 feet.  Firefighters were forced to cut into next door neighbor’s gates to keep the fire under control.

So what caused the blaze?  Reportedly, Ricki Lake had been refueling a portable heater next to a couch.  The couch ended up catching fire causing flames to erupt.  Although Lake reportedly tried to put out the fire, there were some embers left over which made the fire go forth.  Luckily firefighters were able to get things under control in ten minutes.  CBS News reports it took as long as twenty minutes for the firefight.

However, the owners of the Malibu rental house were not too happy to hear of the news.  An inside source who is close with the landlord says “The family doesn’t understand why Ricki apparently made no attempt to put out the fire…She decided to move her cars….even bring out boxes of clothes as she watched the fire burn the house to the ground….They are talking to their lawyers about suing.”

Popeater jokes that we may be seeing daytime talk show host Ricki Lake on an episode of Judge Judy.  If Lake was at fault she really needs to make sure one of her new film projects generates some hefty revenue to cover the damages.  Luckily though, Ricki nor anyone else were hurt in this fire.


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