Ricky Martin Challenge Regarding Arizona Law

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Ok, this idea came to my mind when reading one of replies in my pervious post. I was reading many pros and contras of this law but no one is giving any better solution. Mexican/Arizona problems are ongoing for so many years now and it was very hard to solve them. To be honest not much effort was put in it. And no one dares to blast over Mexican law and/or government.

Since Ricky Martin was one of the first celebrities to blast over new law, I invite him to not only write a constructive critique but also to write a longlasting solution and impact that will finally solve the problems which will benefit both parts – Mexican and Arizona/USA government and politics. This solution has to have a draft of a new bill and training instructions for police officers at both sides.

There are following rules:

- he cannot challenge me in return or request anything from me, not in this matter or anything else

- he has to do it alone, his unique idea, without any influences or help from his management, family (no cheating Valentino and Matteo), friends, foundation, government, politicians, experts, fans and everyone who might help him. He must do it alone and he has to be sincere about it.

- how much time does he have? hehe, he hates deadlines but I’ll give him 2 months time starting from June 1st, 2010.

- his solution has to be reviewed, accepted, implemented, executed and monitored by both mexican and arizona/usa governments

What is the prize of it? Think on what you can achive with it, on all the benefits that your longstanding solution has to offer to all victims of human and child trafficking, all legal and illegal immigrants, native residents and governments. Solving their problems and creating one peaceful world filled with love and one healthy Mexican and USA government – that’s the prize of it. And yes… you’ll be the next Hispanic to make history!

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