Rielle Hunter GQ Photos Flap Makes Her Look Ridiculous

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Rielle Hunter is crying foul over the photos of her published along with her interview with GQ Magazine.  She’s been telling other media outlets that she’s upset with GQ’s choice of photos, claiming that she assumed they would be using only head shots of her in the magazine.  Okay, then why did she allow herself to be photographed with no pants on?

Instead Rielle Hunter’s GQ photos show her in a few different poses on a bed.  Two of them show her with no pants and a loose, partially undone white button-down shirt.  One shows her fully clothed, embracing her (and John Edwards’) daughter.

For their part, GQ responded to Hunter’s claims that she was in any way wronged by telling Good Morning America that Rielle (a former film producer) is a “smart woman” and “knows what she wore and what she was doing in the photo shoot.”

It sounds to me like Rielle did know exactly what she was doing, but later she maybe felt ashamed of her poses and is now trying to put all responsibility on GQ.

Click here to see the full GQ interview and photoshoot.



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