Rielle Hunter Oprah Interview – John Edwards’ Mistress Shows Real Self [VIDEO]

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I just finished watching Oprah interviewing Rielle Hunter today on her show. Rielle Hunter is the famous mistress of John ‘Johnny’ Edwards. Edwards is even the father of Hunter’s baby daughter, Quinn.

In her interview, Hunter explains to Oprah that she is not a ‘homewrecker’ or a ‘gold digger.’ In fact, Hunter believes she is her true and authentic self. Unfortunately, in the interview, she never actually told us who she really was. I’m still confused because I basically saw a woman who had somehow convinced herself that everything she did with married John Edwards was right.

Obviously, John Edwards is to blame, and he is the one who made the vow to Elizabeth Edwards, so in that aspect, she had made no vow to Elizabeth. However, I agree with Oprah when she said that Rielle Hunter could have asked John to straighten out his life and then call her. She certainly had that choice, and it wasn’t a choice she made.

Additionally, Hunter didn’t comment on the state of her relationship with Edwards saying it is ‘private.’ So, that leads me to believe that they are together in some capacity otherwise she would probably say they weren’t together.

The other confusing part of the interview was the GQ pictures explanation. Hunter told Oprah that she wanted the world to see her as sexy and beautiful instead of as the wicked witch. She also admitted that the pictures were a mistake. You think?

What do you think of the interview? Check it out below and let me know.

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