Rielle Hunter’s Behind The Scene Seductive Photo Shoot (VIDEOS)

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards love affair, is back in the media for being outraged by racy-like photos published in GQ magazine.  According to Barbara Walters from The View, Hunter cried for many hours when she saw the photos.

Here’s the thing.  Hunter agreed to an extensive interview with GQ about her love affair with John Edwards and where they stand in their relationship currently.  Photographer Mark Seliger took an enormous amount of photos in which Hunter claims she was “going with the flow”.  Hunter also is saying she trusted Seliger to publish the appropriate photos.

As it turned out her racy-like and most unwanted photo was chosen alongside a photo of her in sweats playing with her daughter.  Hunter is still showing some skin in the “mom-like” photo.  It does seem odd that Hunter’s racy-like photo was taken among her daughter’s stuffed animals – which one does not belong in this picture?


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