Right to Work Advocates Bullied and Assaulted in Michigan [Graphic Videos]

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Right to Work advocates are punched and assaulted in Michigan, as union thugs demand that workers be forced to pay union dues.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was punched in the face and a tent housing representatives from “Americans for Prosperity” was “stormed,” while people, even children, were inside. The union thugs were not the only ones threatening violence. Representative Douglas Geiss declared, “There will be blood,” if Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation. After he made the statement, the MI House Democrats “tweeted” proudly (and then deleted, after criticism), “We are going to undo 100 years of labor relations. And there will be blood. We will relive the Battle of the Overpass.”

Photo Source: RedAlertPolitics

Violence should not be the answer for these clowns, who use their mass and muscle to intimidate anyone who dares to stand in their way. Will this violence be denounced by the press? By the Unions? By President Obama or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who have come out against the Michigan legislation? The Daily Caller reports that White House spokesman Jay Carney “declined to condemn the increasing violence and threats by union members in Michigan, merely telling reporters Tuesday that ‘the president believes in debate that’s civil.'” It is reminiscent of the violence that often accompanied Occupy Wall Street protests, many of which were sponsored by unions. It is almost as if they are proud of the violent language.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) discussed the “assault” on unions, but did not denounce union violence. The Hill reports that in a statement on Monday, Reid declared, “This is a blatant attempt by Michigan Republicans to assault the collective bargaining process and undermine the standard of living it has helped foster…This effort continues a dangerous trend set by Republican-led state legislatures across the nation, and it is another instance of the Tea Party needlessly sowing division and setting Republicans’ economic agenda.” Again, the “Tea party” is blamed for “sowing division.” Reid, of course, is one of the most divisive characters in Washington. The absurdity of this and many statements by Reid is so over-the-top that it almost makes the “conspiracy theory” in this author wonder if Reid is encouraged to be as polarizing as possible just so that the right has a “villain,” and therefore distracted from the embarrassing failed policies of the American government.

President Obama chimed in at an event in Michigan on Monday regarding the proposed laws, “They don’t have to do with economics; they have everything to do with politics. (Applause) What they’re really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. (Applause)”

The truth is that more jobs are created in states without a union dues requirement. Politifact checked that claim by using data from the National Institute for Labor Relations Research. They note that job growth actually rose in states without the union due requirement “by 3.7 percent and fell in ‘forced-unionism states’ by 2.8 percent.” They also observe that “nine of the nation’s 10 fastest-growing states over the past decade” were states without the forced union dues requirement. President Obama and Harry Reid did not seem to take these numbers into consideration when touting the benefits of forcing people to pay union dues.

Additionally, a poll showed that “a quarter of Michigan’s government employees would opt out if they could.” Why not give people the option, particularly when they do not necessarily want to support particular campaigns or use their hard-earned money to bus union members to various protests.

Watch as the union thugs, some armed with knives, stormed a tent while people were inside.

[Warning: Graphic Language, Violence]:

Watch as Fox News contributor Steven Crowder gets punched in the face and pulled back (in another instance) by his collar and dragged backwards. Is this okay? Will these people be arrested?

[Warning: Graphic Language, Violence]

Have you belonged to a union? Do you believe that forcing workers to pay dues is constitutional? Do you remember when the Tea Party became violent after ObamaCare was passed? Oh..wait…that never happened.

Photo Source: NRTW.org

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