Rihanna Admits To Being Nervous: What Happened To Her Self-Confidence?

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Rihanna has performed on stage—countless times—for a crush of fans; she’s flaunted what she’s got in skin-baring, see-through attire; she’s engaged in a veritable Twitter smackdown with ex Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran (talk about the ultimate love triangle!); and she’s posted too many provocative photos and words to tally on said social media site, not to mention so much more! The “We Found Love” singer is not one who would seemingly find herself in a crisis of self-confidence. She’s even admitted that she dresses so revealingly because she does feel so empowered. But, there is apparently one thing that scares the songstress: acting, specifically her new role in Battleship.

“I was nervous the entire time!” Rihanna admitted, as Hollywood Life reports. “The entire movie. I didn’t really know what a movie set even looked like. And it turned out to be just as scary as I thought. Tons of people. Tons of cameras. Cranes… in the middle of the ocean.” Stage fright!

Indeed, it does sound a bit like sensory overload, especially for this particular film, which perhaps had a more complex set than other movies might have. Add in the big blue sea and there’s definitely a fear factor element (especially since there were sharks in the water, as Hollywood Life confirms!).

File:Rihanna 3, 2012.jpgNot that Rihanna isn’t accustomed to hubbub of a concert stage, or the cameras for that matter! But paparazzi flash bulbs and glamorous photo shoots are certainly different from the glare of performing for film. RiRi, too, was certainly out of her standard comfort zone and her element, which really is singing. No doubt there was a learning curve for her, but RiRi probably caught on plenty quickly. She even reportedly did much of her own stunt work. Plus, she had a hot co-star in Alexander Skarsgard should she have any questions.

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