Rihanna and Chris Brown Hook Up in NYC Club–New Details!

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are clearly flirting with disaster. Their volatile relationship seems to be back on, despite Breezy having a girlfriend. Another sighting of the couple in a NYC nightclub supports the rumor these two are getting hot and heavy again.

New details about the RiRi and Breezy reunion at the popular Griffin nightclub are trickling out, and Karrueche Tran will undoubtedly be ticked. According to an eyewitness, RiRi showed up to the club minutes after Chris. Although they were not seated at the same table, he couldn’t stay away and clamored over tables and chairs to get to her.

Chris reportedly stripped off his shirt and began gyrating on the tabletop. She was obviously amused, and they ended up “dancing together and being very smitten.” Smitten apparently means some heavy-duty kissing. Celebuzz reports there were plenty of witnesses who saw the passionate pair expressing their feelings for each other through some dirty dancing and kissing. Chris Brown and Rihanna’s explosive relationship certainly seems to be heating up. How long before it boils over?

Are these so-called accidental and coincidental run-ins orchestrated to keep them both in the news? They do nothing to quiet the rumors and seem to take every opportunity to add more fuel to the rapidly spreading fire.

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