Rihanna and Drake, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj Should be Dating?

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Rihanna and Drake may have dated or be dating secretly, but one site suggests they should be a couple. In addition, they’ve given several other ideas for hip hop “hook ups” including Big Sean and Nicki Minaj.

The website VIBE.com suggests that Rihanna and Drake used to date, and they should be dating now, if they aren’t already doing so. It appears that Drake still longs to have a relationship with her, based on song lyrics like those in “Made Men.” VIBE suggests that RiRi and Drizzy should stop toying with everyone and officially get together. It would certainly make for a notable hip hop couple along with Jay-Z and Beyonce that everyone would gossip about.

However, the website has also suggested two other potential hook-ups for Rihanna. One is rapper Royce da 5’9, and the other is J. Cole, both of whom could have a relationship with the R&B princess. Royce da 5’9 notoriously made the simple greeting “Hi Rihanna” a trending topic during a Slaughterhouse freestyle on BET, prompting Ri to flirt back on Twitter. As for J. Cole, VIBE suggests that he is like “Jay-Z’s little brother” and Rihanna is “like Beyonce’s little sister.” It could work out, right?

Another couple mentioned in the article is Nicki Minaj and Big Sean. These two hooked up – for a song and music video which became popular. However, VIBE believes that since Nicki was so comfortable dancing up on Big Sean, that maybe they should get more comfortable. It’s also been noted that Big Sean didn’t have to pay Nicki to be in the video they did. So was it pro bono, or pro something else?

Could one or more of these suggested hook ups happen in hip-hop this coming year? Sure, but that might make people view Rihanna in a really bad light if she jumps from rapper to rapper too often. However, it would be great to see some other hip hop power couples form in addition to Jay-Z/Beyonce and Alicia Keys/Swizz Beats! Who do you think would make a good hip hop couple?

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