Rihanna and Miley Cyrus’ Revealing Looks: Experts Say They Want Attention!

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Rihanna hasn’t been the only star burning up the gossip blogs and the Twitter-verse with her barely there ensembles and provocative half-clothed photos, not to mention her racy public appearances that have her often leaving little to the imagination (bra-less, see-through tops, for example). One of her recent moments involved dinner and a trench coat—and nothing else underneath said coat. Fellow singer-actress Miley Cyrus joins Ri Ri in the boundaries-pushing realm of celebrity exhibitionism. Her latest round of revealing snaps also trends toward the bra-less, sheer displays with some side cleavage (and one missing panties instance) thrown in for good measure. But why all the skin? A few experts recently came out saying the reason for the big reveals is quite simple, really; these girls are craving attention—in the worst way!

The love triangle that is Rihanna, her ex Chris Brown, and his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, has definitely been a salty and controversial showdown, mostly played out on Twitter in 140 characters or less. But, more than trying to win Breezy back or insult Tran, it seems Ri Ri could be seeking attention in general, at least according to the pros. And the same goes for Miley Cyrus, too, minus that love triangle.

File:Rihanna, LOUD Tour, Belfast cropped 2.jpg“Well, I think in part it gets them attention. So part of their business is getting attention. To some extent it makes them feel like they exist, like they’re important and they matter,” said psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig to Hollywood Life. There’s no debating that their public displays of the provocative nature garner plenty of stares, whispers, and buzz. And these not-so-shy girls obviously don’t mind that the “attention” they may be getting is nothing more than skin-deep and speaks nothing to their talent as singers or actresses.

Dr. Jeff Gardere adds that their flaunting nature is “a way to assert their individuality, independence and creativity as well as express any psychological angst.” Rihanna definitely seems to have some “angst” right now with the whole Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran triangle. And, Dr. Ludwig brands both the “We Found Love” singer and Miley Cyrus with the “E” word, affirming, “An exhibitionist is somebody who likes to flaunt, and gets excited by the attention and being noticed. And I guess doing something normal doesn’t get you noticed, so they’ll push the limits. There’s a bit of charge in baring or being slightly naughty.”

Indeed, “naughty” rather than “nice” seems to be the victor in the battle for attention and a main weapon in both Ri Ri and Cyrus’ arsenal.

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