Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher an Item for How Long?

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When rumors broke this past week that Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna were hooking-up, people sort of laughed it off. Then came the report that RiRi was seen leaving Ashton’s place at 4AM. Perhaps there was a little more truth to this rumor.

Then came this realization… the night Rihanna was caught by the paparazzi leaving Ashton Kutcher’s house was not a one time deal. Nope, it seems that RiRi and Kutcher have been dating for about four months.

What? You have to be kidding, right? In a town where rumors constantly run rampant, it took the tabloids four whole months to figure out that RiRi and Ashton had something going on.

What makes this even more surprising is that Rihanna and Ashton have been near constant tabloid fodder as of late. RiRi and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown had been linked. Add to it all the divorce rumors about Demi Moore and Kutcher. You would have thought someone would have seen this coming.

Still, no one did. Now a source is talking about how long this little fling has been going on:

The flirting began as soon as Rihanna and Ashton met and swapped numbers. That moved on to texts and arranging to meet. They snuck off to a Santa Monica hotel a few weeks ago.

Now, while the source admits they are together, everyone seems to stop short of them having a full-on relationship. Most are just calling this thing a “fling” and insist that this whole thing is about being “secret.”

The question remains, will Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna take this thing to the next level or will they keep this relationship as it seems… late night rendezvous and 4AM booty calls.

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