Rihanna at McDonald’s? Makes Fun of Friend’s Food & Fitness on Twitter

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A recent report claims singer Rihanna was seen ordering food at McDonald’s. If true, it seems ironic as she was recently making fun of a friend on Twitter for food and fitness habits!

The food report on Rihanna comes from Media Takeout, who claims she was ordering an “ANGUS BURDER with Fries.” That’s right, either it was an intentional typo, or they need a better editor at MTO, because there aren’t many “BURDERs” on the menu at McD’s these days! Rihanna is seen wearing red in a picture, up at the McDonald’s counter ordering a “Number 2″ according to MTO’s report.

It seems interesting that Rihanna would indulge in this sort of food, especially with the slim figure she needs to maintain. Then again, she’s got enough money to afford the best in terms of personal trainers and other health advisors. Still, would they advise that she order from McD’s, ever? If she actually was ordering the Angus Burger, it packs close to 800 calories just for the burger alone, with fries adding even more, based on McD’s nutrition info. Still, there are those so called “diet cheat days,” right?

To add to this, Rihanna has been busy making fun of a friend on Twitter lately. However, she was making fun of her friend not getting enough food, by using illustrative pictures along with her tweets:

This is what happens to @JennnRosales if she ever works out…or goes too long without food! lockerz.com/s/167607650

And this is what happens when she goes too long without food…then drinks Don Ju lockerz.com/s/167610524

Ri Ri has quite the interesting relationship with her Twitter and Facebook followers. She has no problem keeping it real and offering a glimpse into her life on a daily basis. Whether she’s sharing favorite song lyrics or racy vacation pics, the singer certainly likes to “Talk That Talk.” One would wonder if girls seeing Rihanna ordering from McDonald’s is good for the whole “image stereotype” that tends to come from celebs though. What do you think, and is it really news for MTO to report on Rihanna hitting up McD’s in the first place?

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