Rihanna Banned by Kim Kardashian?

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Rihanna might have millions of fans, but apparently she can’t count Kim Kardashian as one of them—the reality show star allegedly banned RiRi from being in Kanye West’s dressing room during his Watch the Throne concert in London (however, she couldn’t stop her from hopping up on the stage with him).

So does Kim actually have to be concerned about RiRi and Kanye? She’s reportedly worried about the “We Found Love” singer being around her new beau because RiRi is a notorious flirt, and the sexy songstress might have a thing for men who are taken—there were tons of rumors that she and Chris Brown temporarily hooked up again even though he’s been dating Karrueche Tran.

Kim might also not be a big fan of Rihanna because she was recently linked to Rob Kardashian—perhaps the singer broke his heart while he and Rita Ora were on a break or something.

And Kim Kardashian could simply be jealous of Kanye West hanging out with celebrities that are held in a slightly higher regard that she is—Kanye’s musician friends are actually talented and artistic, and they would probably consider doing a reality show below them. Kanye really prides himself on being an artist and innovator, so maybe Kim is worried that he’ll decide that he wants to be with someone more like him. Jay-Z has Beyonce (who allegedly wants nothing to do with Kim), so Kim might think that Kanye West would also prefer to settle down with a talented wife of his own that he can perform with. And Rihanna does happen to be another of the biggest female artists in the world right now.

But Kim and Kanye do have some things in common, such as their love of fashion. Plus Kanye cares so much about Kim that he’s even going to be on her reality show. So perhaps she should really try to trust him a little more if she wants their relationship to work.

Do you think that Kim Kardashian needs to be worry about banning Kanye West from being around girls like RiRi, or is he so crazy about Kim that he’ll happily stay away from other beautiful women?

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