Rihanna Behaved Badly While Swimming with Sharks

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Rihanna went swimming with sharks in Hawaii, but her bad behavior annoyed her diving instructors.

Maybe the sexy singer just likes putting herself in dangerous situations – first there were rumors that she and Chris Brown are “secretly dating,” and now this?

RiRi’s crazy, hard-partying ways might have gotten a little out of hand in Hawaii – after all, based on horror movies featuring sharks, it’s probably not a good idea to act like an idiot when they’re around.

Luckily RiRi lived to be bikini bait for another day, but according to the Mirror, she and her friends did not take getting in the water with sharks very seriously. The girls viewed the dangerous sea creatures from the safety of a special cage, but they still managed to worry their instructors with their behavior. One girl threw Lucky Charms in the water, and another pretended to throw Rihanna overboard. If she’d accidentally dropped her pal, the sharks probably would have chosen RiRi for breakfast over the cereal and marshmallows.

The girls all got a talking to from the instructors, but RiRi reportedly made things better by giving all of them a kiss.

This latest incident may seem harmless, but could it really be evidence that RiRi needs to calm down a little bit? She’s been photographed smoking what appears to be weed; there are rumors that she drinks way too much; and she evidently can’t get over Chris Brown. The singer might be in a dangerous place – when Britney Spears started doing crazy things, it wasn’t long before she ended up in rehab (luckily Rihanna has just sung a song about an umbrella – she hasn’t bashed a car with one yet).

There were rumors that RiRi and Katy Perry might spend some time together as Katy tries to recover from her divorce from Russell Brand, but hopefully this isn’t true – Katy loves to drink and party, too, and she’ll probably go a little overboard now that she’s a single gal trying to show her ex what he’s missing. Together she and RiRi would be enablers fueling one another’s bad behavior, so they certainly need to stay away from sharks when they’re together.

So are you worried about RiRi, or do you think her behavior is harmless?

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