Rihanna, Chris Brown Duet at 2012 MTV VMAs?

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Rihanna is expected to perform at the MTV VMAs, a ratings hit if ever there was one. Oh, wait! Here’s an even bigger idea: a RiRi and Chris Brown duet at the VMAs 2012. What do you think? Would this be true? Could this be true? Will Breezy join his ex-girlfriend in such a public way and in such a seriously unabashed showing of unity? Apparently, this is a (fairly) distinct possibility according to Hollywood Life by way of Media Takeout. The word is that the Barbados-born singer’s camp “has informed the producers of the Video Music Awards that she will be bringing ex-boyfriend Chris on stage with her during her performance.”

Really? Wowza! There’s more. Apparently, this move could cause “backlash” (you think?) for MTV VMAs producers, says a source, who points out that Ri is adamant that this will happen come September 6, 2012, when the show airs. Meanwhile, the performance approval process by MTV must be completed two weeks before the program goes live, which means if this is happening it is already on the books, so to speak.

Although MediaTakeout has issued this report, Hollywood Life was not able to get confirmation that this is, indeed, true. In fact, the latter source said that Chris Brown’s camp suggests they “never heard of this” plan. As for RiRi’s rep? The same source is still waiting to hear from them, if they do. And if they do, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about this particular piece of music magic regarding the show because if Rihanna and Chris Brown get on stage to work together in a number during the 2012 MTV VMAs, the world will likely be alerted and the social media system will go into extreme overdrive.

So what you think about this particular concept? Please weigh in.

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