Rihanna Cuffed by ‘Fashion Police’ for Breast Baring Top

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Once again, Rihanna was given a citation by the Fashion Police for her daring look in a mesh top she wore while in New York City this past week. The E! Entertainment show arbiters were on RiRi for not having the sense to put on a bra when stepping out in public in this sort of risky sartorial statement.

The top in question was black, with opaque sleeves, and a cut-out panel of mesh that revealed the singer’s breasts in full view. Perhaps the paparazzi’s flashes made “her girls” even more evident but, no matter what, it was evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra, something this devilish fashionista decides to do–or, actually, not to do.

In particular, George Kotsiopoulos was the most upset about this street look on the pop star. He said during this week’s Fashion Police that, whether she likes it or not, Rihanna is a role model and this way of dressing is sending the wrong message to young women.

Still, RiRi is often doing that very thing, all in the name of what she considers fashion. The singer has often said that adding a bra to a particular outfit will ruin it.

Ruining the outfit is the least of her problems, especially this week when she donned a top that had everyone crying foul on Friday on E!. George was so verbal that he sent Rihanna a message via the Fashion Police episode this week that said, “Do not expose yourself like that.”

Could this fashion specialist be more specific?

Not at all.

Hopefully, the Barbados-born singer heard this sartorial critic and will respond in kind. Hopefully but not likely.

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