Rihanna Devastated Chris Brown Spent NYE with Karrueche

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Rihanna reportedly continues to pine–or whatever–over violent felon Chris Brown. It seems RiRi got upset when she learned that Breezy had celebrated NYE with his girlfriend Karrueche. Ouch. Or should that be: “Crazy?”

Although Rihanna enjoyed partying the night away on New Year’s Eve with P. Diddy and several other celebrity friends, she reportedly “took it hard” when she saw internet photos of her ex, CB, celebrating with his current girlfriend, Karrueche.

“Seeing him with Karrueche is very hard for her,” tattled an inside source. “Her emotions appear to have got the better of her this weekend.”

Emotions? Well, insanity is an extreme form of emotion. And the poor girl has suffered severe blows to the head.

“Despite everything that has happened RiRi has not stopped loving Chris,” the insider droned on. “They have been in constant contact for some time and things seemed to be stepping up a gear in recent weeks. Many thought these public declarations of love on Twitter were paving the way for an official reconciliation. She has been warned by pals not to get involved in such a destructive relationship again but she just can’t let go.”

In spite of Rihanna’s refusal to let go of her abuser, rumor has it that there will be no contact between the 2 long ago and perhaps future lovers at the Grammy Awards next month. Which is a pity in a way. Recent poll results revealed that the majority of CB’s and Rihanna’s fans would love to see them re-united. Go figure.

For some time since the unfortunate incident in 2009, many people have wished that Chris Brown would simply go away. It might be good idea if Rihanna went away somewhere as well.

Just saying.

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