Rihanna: Florida Pays $500,000 for 1-Hour Show

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What’s an hour of Rihanna worth? Apparently $500,000 in Florida, according to recent reports. The singer was paid to do a charity gala which will take an hour of her time.

File:Rihanna in Last Girl on Earth Tour 16-04-3.jpgRihanna was just recently seen Sunday night, performing at halftime of the 2011 NBA All-Star Game, capping off a great weekend of events for the NBA in Los Angeles.  Her set included “Rude Boy,” and “What’s My Name,” as well lending her vocals to Kanye West for “All of the Lights.”  Rihanna’s halftime show didn’t span an hour, but it’s likely that gig got her a nice chunk of change too.

Now the singer will perform for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute fundraiser, held at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.  Monsters and Critics reports that Rihanna will sing in front of about 600 guests and receive a staggering $500,000.  Guests are paying $2,000 for the low-end seats at the event, while a table of 10 can run as high as $200,000.

Rihanna must be making some serious bank lately with the NBA All-Star performance and now this charity gala event in Florida.  In case you’re wondering, Rihanna has her own Believe Foundation created in 2006 which helps terminally ill children.  She’s also been active in helping out with various charity events and fundraisers in conjunction with Madonna.

Still $500,000 is a nice bit of money just for an hour of time, and most likely a lot more than the average person earns for one hour!

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