Rihanna Gets Topless with Kate Moss While Rita Ora Suffers a Nip Slip

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Rihanna didn’t just get to party with sexy Victoria’s Secret models this week – she also got to pose topless with legendary supermodel Kate Moss.

The “Diamonds” singer rocked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and she apparently did such a good job that she’s now an honorary model. Ri-Ri and the great Kate were recently paired up for a very sexy V Magazine photo shoot that required them to get nude aPhoto by badgalrirind climb on top of each other. Of course the shoot was probably a piece of cake for the lovely ladies – Ri-Ri’s leaked nude photos can easily be found on the internet, and Kate Moss has posed topless countless times during her lengthy modeling career.

In one of the V Magazine photos, a lingerie-clad Kate lounges on top of a topless Rihanna. The ladies then switch positions with Ri-Ri sitting on the lap of half-naked Kate. The 38-year-old model doesn’t look much older than the 24-year-old pop star.

Ri-Ri has been getting tons of publicity by hanging out with models and releasing “Diamonds,” but her rumored rival Rita Ora also managed to score a little extra attention recently.

The sexy singer is currently dating Rob Kardashian, and she definitely proved that she should fit right in with the Kardashian clan – just like Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, she recently suffered an embarrassing nip slip.

Those who believe that there’s a beef between Ri-Ri and Rita Ora might think that she orchestrated her wardrobe malfunction to steal the spotlight from Ri-Ri. However, according to Hollywood Life, Rita later offered this explanation for the nip slip she suffered during a concert in London:

“I got straight off a moterbike from O2 to Wembley I didn’t have time to change and then all of a sudden the zip got lower…. And lower I rushed on stage and pop! It happened, f**k! Sorry guys.”

Hopefully Rita learns something from Ri-Ri and Rob Kardashian’s other sister Kim – it’s never a good idea to let your boyfriend take nude photographs of you or videotape you while you’re having sex.

So who do you think wins the bad girl battle here: Rita and her wardrobe malfunction or Ri-Ri and her topless pics?

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