Rihanna Getting Bigger Boobs to Please Chris Brown?

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Looks like Rihanna is determined to make sure Chris Brown won’t go wandering back to Karrueche—or whoever. Rumor has it the “Birthday Cake” girl is going to undergo breast augmentation surgery to please her abuser—er—recently regained boyfriend. But is Rih seriously contemplating this major step just for Mr. Breezy?

According to sources, the beautiful Barbadian songstress wants to become even more beautiful now that she’s reconnected with her first and apparently only true love, CB. It seems Mr. Breezy recently remarked that RihRih would be “totally hot with bigger boobs.” Now that CB and Karrueche seem to have parted company for good, the “Umbrella” singer wants to keep them apart—for good. And she seems to think that increasing the size of her bustline will help her achieve that goal.

The 24-year-old Barbadian beauty is out shopping for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who will pump her up “at least one bra size,” revealed an inside source.

Hmm. The pain and risk of plastic surgery seems like a pretty extreme step to take just for the one paltry bra size. Not to mention that it’s a ridiculous step to take for the likes of Chris Brown. But is RhiRih’s desire for larger breasts just about pleasing Mr. Breezy? Some of her friends reportedly think not. They believe her desire to go under the knife is all about her own self-image.

“Rihanna’s always been insecure about her cleavage,” a friend recently revealed, “but Chris’s comment has spurred her on to really do something about it.”‘

Oh well, whatever her reason for wanting them, bigger boobs can only make Rihana even more beautiful than she is. So in that respect, breast augmentation surgery will be a win/win situation for her. Now, if she could only cure herself of her unfortunate addiction to Chris Brown, she’d have it made.

Note to RihRih: If you’re going to get your boobs done, you may as well get them done big. You go, Girl.

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