Rihanna Goes Shopping in a Bra (Video)

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Proving once again that Seinfeld is the bible for real life, Rihanna pulled a Sue Ellen Mischke and went shopping in Beverly Hills wearing nothing but a bra as a top.

Of course, this wasn’t just a sensible bra that Elaine Benes would pick out and give as a gift to signal that her friend was not being modest enough. This was a velvet Alexander Wang. Big bucks.

In fact, it’s not the kind of bra that most people would recognize as an undergarment. Maybe she was confused? Don’t a lot of bras look like bikini tops?

In the video below, Rihanna regained her senses later in the day when she showed up at LAX in a more comfortable outfit befitting a long plane ride to New York.

Just in time for Kramer to have a crackup and hit a light pole on the way to court?

Where’s Jackie Chiles when he’s needed most?

Here’s the video:

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