Rihanna Hair Mess Requires Costly Flight for Stylist

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A recent Rihanna hair situation got messy, requiring the singer to book an expensive flight. The “Rated-R” singer paid a hefty 15,000 pounds to fly her stylist to see her and help fix the hairstyle problem.

A report from Apunkachoice indicates that the pop diva went swimming at her hotel in London, then used both the steam room and sauna. That ended up making her hair rather messed up. A source said:

When she got out, her hair were tangled and matted. She slapped a load of conditioner on but it didn’t get through the mass.

She didn’t want to take the chance on an unknown. Because they were on such a tight schedule, they had to get her on the first flight. Rihanna didn’t care about paying a fortune.

By the way, when you’re a multimillionaire R&B pop singer, 15,000 pounds isn’t really a fortune. However, to the average person that probably seems a bit much, as it could provide hair care for thousands of needy individuals.

In Rihanna’s case, she needed her hair looking good for a public appearance on a chat show the next day. Many stars only trust their hair, skin, nails, and face in the hands of their people. Thankfully Ri Ri’s stylist, Ursula Stephen, was able to fly first class and make the save!

What do you think of Rihanna’s ordeal? Did the singer go a bit too far to get her hair done? Or is that OK if you’ve got the money to do it?

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