Rihanna “I’d Hit That” Offensive T-Shirt With Chris Brown Trivializes Beating

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are featured on a rather offensive t-shirt featuring a photo of the her on the front, with the words “I’d hit that” underneath, and a photo of Brown on the back with his fists up. The cringe-worthy tee was being sold at the Beacons Festival, a music festival in Skipton, England, for 10 pounds. For those who don’t get it—”I’d hit that” is an Urban Dictionary-verified term for “I would totally have sex with that person”—but in this case also alludes to Brown’s notorious assault on his (now ex-) girlfriend the night of the 2009 Grammys.

Front of t-shirt

Back of t-shirt

The clever and incredibly tasteless t-shirt was printed by a Leeds based graphic design company, and despite a growing crowd of protestors at the so-called “family friendly” festival, the shirt stayed on sale the entire weekend. It has since been taken off the market, bit at the time, people who objected to the shirt were simply told to buy a different t-shirt if they didn’t like it.

Teresa Parker from Woman’s Aid, a UK-based domestic violence charity, said: “This t-shirt trivializes violence in relationships, at a time when [we’re trying] to educate teenagers about healthy relationships, to try to reduce domestic violence in the future and ultimately save lives.”

One of the most upsetting things about Chris Brown’s beating of Rihanna is that, after a few months of negative press, people seem to think almost nothing of the incident now. It’s almost as if he has been rewarded for behaving like a spoiled douche. A t-shirt like this, joking or not, endorses that kind of behavior. What do you think about the offensive t-shirt?

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