Rihanna Needs a Man, Hates Single Life

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Whether or not Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together is really not the question here. The real question that RiRi faces is can she go on being single? See, the 24-year-old, co-dependent singer just wants to find herself a good boyfriend.

What exactly is good “boyfriend” material? Is it Chris Brown (who beat her up in 2009)? Some would say absolutely not. One thing is for sure, Chris Brown or not, she hates the single life:

I am a single lady. This is not something I enjoy. Single life is so overrated. I have such incredible experiences in my life, but you don’t want to live your life and then meet someone, you want to share your life with someone. I feel like that is what I am missing right now.

She clearly wants to date someone who is “cool, fun [and] funny.” The problem is that for high-profile stars like Rihanna, it isn’t as if she can just hop on Match.com and find a group of guys to go out on dates with. Playing the field like that just isn’t an option.

So, will Rihanna settle with someone like Chris Brown and take him for better or worse, or will she find someone else to be her boyfriend? Come on guys, it looks like she is taking applications!

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