Rihanna Not Dead: Latest Hoax Victim

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Rihanna is one celebrity that seems to be in the news constantly, but Monday afternoon a new story started to make the rounds that had fans scrambling for verification. As is so often the case, this one spread across Twitter and took on momentum as it went. The story was that the singing superstar died, and the details grew wilder as the story spread.

Rihanna AMA 2009 Red carpet

Gossip Cop is sharing the details, though the source of this one hasn’t been pinned down yet. Apparently some kind of tabloid report was misinterpreted, and soon the story that Rihanna was dead had spread across Twitter. Eventually others added details indicating she had died in a plane crash. While many were worried this one might be real, Gossip Cop confirms it is entirely false.

Rihanna is alive and well, though she hasn’t been on her Twitter for the past day or two. One of her most recent tweets was to welcome Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, to the world, and the singer’s dedicated fans know it won’t be long before she has other tweets posted. While many of these celebrity death pranks originate from spoof sites, it’s not yet clear where this one began. Regardless of the source, it is good news for fans that their beloved singer is just fine and was not involved in a plane crash or any other tragic accident.

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