Rihanna Now Wants Ashton Back over Chris Brown

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It seems that Rihanna can’t be alone. First, she was desperately trying to get Chris Brown back by bashing his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Twitter. Then she had a booty call visit at Ashton Kutcher’s house recently, which got the tabloids talking. Now, it seems like the singer has made up her mind about what she wants and surprisingly, Chris Brown isn’t it. According to the newest issue of OK! Magazine, the singer is all about Ashton Kutcher now. She is begging for his attention and she wants to continue their late-night hook-ups.

According to the magazine, she is supposedly sending him raunchy text messages and pictures of her body. She wants him to want her, just as much as she wants him. Well, Ashton does have lots going on in his life, including his ex-wife’s constant meltdowns over his cheating. He supposedly only used Rihanna one night, but she doesn’t care. She just sees this as a challenge.

The magazine writes that Rihanna is ready to fight for Ashton. “She knows she’s not the only girl Ashton’s been seeing and she finds that to be a challenge,” an insider has revealed to the magazine. “The more he resists her advances, the more determined she is to conquer him.” It seems almost like a stalker for her to act like this. First, she wants one guy who has a girlfriend and after trying to get him, she moves on to the next – a bad boy who just left his wife after being caught in a cheating scandal.

Perhaps she really is a good girl, gone bad.

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