Rihanna Posts Photo of Justin Bieber on the Toilet?

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Rihanna must be way too tired lately, because her busy lifestyle is making her do some pretty crazy things – like sharing an Instagram photo of her kissing Justin Bieber and another of the Biebs chilling on the toilet. Say what?

Luckily Selena Gomez shouldn’t get too worried since her boyfriend wasn’t staying the night with RiRi or anything. Instead the photo turned out to be a fake – RiRi had a friend of hers wearing a Bieber mask in the bizarre pics. She posted them along with this message:

“Me and the beebs yesterday! Shoutout to my photographer @jennnrosales.”

So do the photos have some kind of secret meaning? Probably not, but don’t be surprised to see stories about how them being involved in more Rihanna and Chris Brown drama. Breezy is friends with Justin Bieber, so the photos could be seen as RiRi poking fun at her ex’s pop star pal. But more than likely taking the goofy photos was really just one of RiRi’s wacky ways of having fun, and having pals pose as celebrities is certainly a lot safer than partying hard all night.

But instead of using a Justin Bieber mask, perhaps Rihanna should have chosen to give her friend Harry Styles’ head – RiRi has revealed that she has a crush on the One Direction singer, and he’d probably love to see a photo of RiRi giving him a little smooch on the cheek, even if it’s a fake one.

So what do you think of RiRi’s bizarre pics? Are they proof that she has a great sense of humor or evidence that the strained singer is working a little too hard?

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