Rihanna Quoting Former Abusive Boyfriend: Are They Talking Now?

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The Rihanna/Chris Brown abusive affair have fans split down the middle; either they are on her side supporting her as the victim or they are on Chris’ side because she is known as being overdramatic. So what are fans to do when she starts quoting her abusive ex-boyfriend in a shout-out? Are fans to interpret that message as her being ready to speak with Chris Brown again?

On her Facebook, she posted a picture from one of her recent vacations and added the caption; “Look at me now!!! I’m gettin paper!!!!” Chris Brown fans recognize this saying from one of his songs, Look At Me Now, which was one of his hit singles.

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The statement can essentially have three different meanings; Rihanna could have made the statement without Chris Brown in mind. The statement essentially means that she is making her own money.

Second, she could have made the statement with Chris in mind. Perhaps he made a negative statement to her that she wouldn’t make it without him and she uses his own “look at me now” saying to prove him wrong. Who knows what went on between the two in the weeks leading up to the abuse?

Lastly, Rihanna could mean exactly what Hollywood Life is assuming—that she is ready to let Chris back in her life because she may not be over him.

Should she even consider going down that road? What do you think she means by the statement?

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