Rihanna Ready to Beg, but for Chris Brown or Ashton Kutcher?

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Rihanna is still trying to get Chris Brown back even though he has been very vocal about his love for his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The singer is desperately trying to get Brown’s attention by posting half-naked pictures of herself and tweeting lyrics from his songs. But it doesn’t seem like he is paying her much attention these days. Perhaps he is spending much time with Tran and trying to make things work. If he went back to the Barbadian singer after assaulting her a few years ago, his career could be affected and it seems he is well aware of that.

However, now it seems that she is getting desperate and she is ready to beg for Chris Brown to return to her. “I can do better than make love to you….better than make u scream my name! Please, please, please, oh don’t ya make me have to beg,” Rihanna tweeted earlier this morning in another desperate attempt to get attention.

However, recent reports claim that she is now desperate to get more attention from Ashton Kutcher, the man she supposedly had a one-night-stand with earlier this month. The steamy tweet she is sending could apply to both men, and perhaps she is hoping that either of them will react on it. The message is actually song lyrics from Robin Thicke’s song, I Need Love, and that is exactly what she is hinting she needs.

She is ready to beg for attention and love—but who is she sending the message to? Is it Chris Brown, Ashton Kutcher or both, whoever comes first?

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