Rihanna Rocks Radical New Hair: A Sign She’s Over Chris Brown?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown and his girl-of-the-moment, Karrueche Tran, have been quite the news-making trio of late, what with their Twitter war—a technology-centered love triangle that has gotten rather bitter, sometimes inappropriately racist and altogether vicious with posts that pack a punch and some hidden meaning, too, in their 140 characters or less. Ri Ri has even uploaded her fair share of sexy pics, perhaps showing off her vixen-like prowess to her ex in the face of Tran. But it seems like the fight might finally be finished, if one of the “We Found Love” singer’s latest tweets not to mention her radical new look are any indications!

As Just Jared reports, Rihanna is currently in Japan to promote her new movie, Battleship. But, although she’s thousands of miles away from Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, the Twitter battle was still going strong—until recently. She posted a rather cryptic message that seemed to allude to the fact that she was done with Brown once and for all. And, as if she was symbolically washing that man right out of her hair, Ri Ri proceeded to radically change her own ‘do, both color and style!

While Rihanna has previously talked of her obsession with finding a cool blue hair color, this time she went back to black—super-jet black, that is, boasting a truly rock-star style. Shaved on the sides but balanced with a super long mane, hers is an asymmetrical, edgy look that’s been seen before on the songstress, except with a much shorter crop. She definitely wasn’t shy to show off her new statement-making mane, either, staging what looked to be an impromptu personal photo shoot and posting a series of wild and racy pics to Instagram. Perhaps one final jab aimed at Brown?!

As Just Jared reminds, Ri Ri previously had blonde hair, which lately was showing some serious dark roots. She obviously wasn’t having more fun as a blonde. She’s really quite the unpredictable chameleon, with styles that run the gamut from curly and crimped to long and sleek to cropped, shaved and short, along with colors as varied as red, brown, and platinum. But, nothing like a new mane attraction to make a statement to Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran, and most importantly herself, that she’s moving on and she’s proud of it. Hopefully, for the sake of the Twitter-verse, her new attitude sticks!

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