Rihanna San Chris Brown, Her Bra on the MTV VMAs 2012 Red Carpet in See-Through Fashion

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Rihanna showed up at the MTV VMAs 2012 sans Chris Brown as was a possibility. However, she was a standout anyway, wearing a fresh dark, very short hairdo and a simple white gown, ready for the hot blazing sun in Los Angeles as the photographers fawned over the singer’s radiant appearance.

What wasn’t immediately evident when observing RiRi as she was snapped on the sartorial runway was the fact that her dress didn’t have a back. Not only that, but the fabric–which seemed to be akin to t-shirt material–was totally see-through.

That’s right. Ri was one show in more ways than one; her breasts very obviously there with her to be photographed from many angles. So was her new pixie cut, a saucy look for the saucy songstress who looks sexy no matter how she wears her hair.

That said, did you think Rihanna was on point as far as fashion is concerned for the MTV VMAs 2012? Do you think she looked like perfection in her white gown that was knotted in the front and without a back or do you think she should have picked something else to wear on the red carpet? Thoughts? Thanks.

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