Rihanna Sending Chris Brown Secret Message on Twitter?

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Was Rihanna recently sending Chris Brown a secret message via Twitter? The singer, who previously dated Breezy, sent out a rather interesting line by tweeting it publicly on Monday night. It could be nothing more than a song lyric, or it could very well be much more serious!

The Rated-R singer, real name Robyn Fenty, may still have some feelings she’s dealing with. Right now, her former guy, Chris Brown, is publicly dating Karrueche Tran. While Brown and Ri Ri have had issues in the past, the two have rekindled as colleagues and friends, at least. However, one can’t help but notice when Ri Ri puts up an interesting tweet on Monday night, such as:

She say, you aint no good, but it feels so good

By the way, that line sort of matches up with the song Leave You Alone by rapper Young Jeezy featuring Ne Yo. The lyrics really say, “She Said (she said), You ain’t no good (no good), but you feel so good.” So Rihanna could have been listening to iTunes or her iPod and just tweeting out the lyrics as she listened.

Fans should take that for what it’s worth, really, but it could be inferred that it’s Chris Brown she’s talking about. Rihanna saw her relationship with Breezy go awry years ago due to Brown getting violent. However, the two recently reunited to make several new songs together. There’s been rumors for months now that these two are hooking up on the down low, too. Is it possible this tweet was a secret message? Fans, what do you think, is this Rihanna’s way of getting Chris Brown’s attention?

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