Rihanna ‘S&M’ Cover: Sex Needed to Sell Song on iTunes?

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The Rihanna S&M cover for her latest single is a bit odd, given the history of abuse from Chris Brown. With a tweet, she encouraged fans to buy her iTunes single after revealing her cover. Now, the mystery of the red hair has been solved.

Sadomasochism aka S&M is the last thing the Umbrella star should be thinking about, since her early career has been defined by an abusive high-profile relationship involving her former beau Chris Brown.

Yet, Rihanna takes to Twitter and sends a Twitpic to her fans advertising the cover of her new single S&M. In the cover, she sports the red hair that has become an integral part of her brand. Now, her fans get it. It was all for show, in an effort to bolster sales.

Was the move good PR by using the age-old tactic of using sex to sell anything from shoes to swamp land in Idaho? If so, she can Take a Bow.

Or, was it a dent in her career armor by serving to confuse all the women who identified with her during her abuse ordeal that became a public indictment of domestic violence?

If it backfires (and it certainly has the potential), then she may not Run this Town like she is planning to do as an artist.

Her iTunes push to sell music is thought to lack taste, and it sends mixed messages to the fans who support her recovery and career. But sex sells; and if it ain’t broke, maybe she is in no hurry to fix it.

Maybe Rihanna is just a Good Girl Gone Bad. Do you think it was a bad move or one brilliant marketing scheme?

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