Rihanna ‘S&M’ Video Explained by Director Melina Matsoukas

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One of the first controversial music videos to arrive in 2011 will undoubtedly be the “S&M” video from R&B star Rihanna, which not only features latex and bondage, but also pokes fun at the “celebrity-hungry media.”

According to MTV.com, the director of the “S&M” video is Melina Matsoukas who talked about the symbolism in the film.  She tells MTV:

“I guess the first major image is the Cox News thing. It’s a bite off of Fox News and trying to and bring in the S&M theme and build on her sadomasochistic relationship with the press. So that’s what the video is about, and it starts off strong with that message.”

Matsoukas goes on to explain that the freaky press conference includes the press wearing ball gags to keep them silenced. It also features Rihanna sort of stuck in place by a saran wrap, which is probably a feeling many celebrities can relate to, when it comes to the media events they have to undergo.

Matsoukas also noted that Rihanna was good at several of the concepts in the video, leaving one to wonder. For example, Matsoukas noted:

“She had the idea to put the tape on the woman’s mouth and then kiss her. She does that pretty well too.”

The video’s conclusion also has some special symbolism, which the director describes:

“The press has come in and tortured her and put all the slander on her face, and it’s represented through pop-art symbols. That’s our fun death ending.”

Basically, Rihanna is having some good, clean fun with the press and using some very risky symbolism to get her points across. Now, if MTV would actually play her video, it just might mean something to enough people with TV’s. For now, fans will continue to watch the video online, as it clearly has become a viral hit, even banned by YouTube.

Have you seen the Rihanna “S&M” video? Do you think it’s tame or too much?

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