Rihanna Tweets About Kissing a Girl and not Liking it on New Year’s Eve

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Rihanna apparently kissed a girl on New Year’s Eve, but she’s hoping to find someone else to smooch by the end of this year (maybe Chris Brown?).

A recent tweet from the singer certainly isn’t going to kill the rumors that she’s a lesbian (the most recent one being that she’s in a relationship with Chelsea Handler), but perhaps Katy Perry’s pal doesn’t mind being accused of kissing girls. In fact, she kind of admitted that her New Year’s Eve smooch was shared with a female friend when she wrote this on her Twitter page: “Fyi, we gotta find me somebody to kiss @ midnight by next NYE!!!! Melissa didn’t cut it for me lastnt.”

She was probably referencing her BFF/assistant Melissa Forde, whom many gossip sites have romantically linked Rihanna to in the past (namely because they used to spend so much time together).

Of course it’s always possible that RiRi was just messing with everyone by tweeting about kissing her friend – she doesn’t seem to be the type of celeb that minds causing a bit of controversy every now and then. Or maybe she just had a Girls Gone Wild moment after drinking a little too much before the stroke of midnight.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem that Rihanna has any romantic feelings for Melissa Forde – she’s hoping to have somebody else in her life to kiss by the end of 2012 (she didn’t specify whether that “somebody” has to be male or female).

There have been rumors that RiRi and Chris Brown might be trying to get back together, but perhaps her tweet can be seen as evidence that they haven’t been rekindling their romance – if they were dating again, wouldn’t they want to spend New Year’s Eve with one another?

So what do you think of RiRi’s New Year’s Eve tweet – did she really kiss a girl at midnight, or is she just starting off her new year by teasing the tabloids and her fans with something that will spark another “lesbian” story? (Note to everyone calling RiRi a lesbian: even if she was into girls, she would actually be bisexual since she’s dated guys in the past.)

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