Rihanna Tweets Yet Another Bedroom Picture to Lure Chris Brown

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You can pretty much set your clock by the tweets Rihanna sends in her tireless effort to lure Chris Brown. Barely a day goes by when the Where Have You Been singer doesn’t send a cryptic message or sexy bedroom photo to her followers.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, this latest twitpic shows the singer posing in her bed, with a sultry look on her pretty face. Rihanna

What part of this whole enticement campaign doesn’t RiRi get? If she wants Chris Brown back so badly, but he hasn’t committed to her wishes by now—it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is standing in the way.

Is that ‘something’ Karrueche Tran? Is Breezy afraid if he dumps her things might not work out with Ri?

Of course the other side of this ridiculous love triangle scenario goes something like this—what if Rihanna isn’t really tweeting these suggestive sayings and poses for Chris Brown’s benefit. What if she simply can’t control her overtly sexual desire to push her sensuality on her innocent Twitter followers?

Now that opens a whole new can of worms in the midst of this debacle, doesn’t it?

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