Rihanna Twitter: Singer Tweets About Being Cyber Bullied Online

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In a recent Rihanna Twitter incident, the singer is being cyber bullied online! The “Rated-R” singer tweeted about it on Friday night, as the cyber bully continues to talk trash. Unfortunately for the bully, the singer has the power of social media on her side in a major way. Did she use it for good or evil though?

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are known for online harassment or negativity almost as much as they are known for keeping up with friends or enjoying viral content. Robyn Fenty is among the celebs who uses Twitter and Facebook a lot. She’s been known to tweet or post rather racy pics and comments at times.

There have been people who aren’t too happy with Rihanna and Chris Brown teaming up again to make music, and they’ve made their presence known online. However on Friday night, one Twitter user took it to ridiculously unnecessary levels giving such remarks as “I gotta admit, I lost a lot of respect for @rihanna.. Makin a song w/ the dude that beat your face off is not a good look. (sic)” and “@rihanna needs to get her a** beat again..Maybe it’ll knock some sense in her head.” The comments referred to Chris Brown and the domestic assault perpetrated against his former girlfriend years ago. Not nice to say at all, and probably bothered the singer quite a bit.

So how do you handle it when you’re a Twitter power user celeb with millions of followers? You tweet out to all of them that you’re being cyber bullied. Ri Ri did just that, including the name of the person:

“I’m being cyber bullied by ———->@JuhReeV”

That’s over 14 million followers of the singer who could possibly start hurling their own cyber bullying the instigator’s way. Is that really the best way for Rihanna to handle something like this? Probably not, and the bully even responded by saying Rihanna was scared to say something so she got her fans on it instead.

Plain and simple, everyday average Twitter users talk a lot of trash, but the microblogging site also bans spam and harassing accounts. The person’s remarks were uncalled for and unjustified. This cyber bullying probably happens to celebrities online daily just like everyday internet users. The singer or her people can block the person though, just like everyone else. Basically she threw hundreds, thousands, or millions of potential “cyber bullies” at the one bullying her. Come on Rihanna, you’re a public figure and can handle yourself better than that!

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