Rihanna vs Nicki Minaj — ‘Where Have You Been?’ Mashup (Video)

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Mashups are getting hot. In the clip below, it’s Rihanna vs. Nicki Minaj slammed to the a capella tracks of Where Have You Been?

But, it’s much too simple to just mix two songs together. Complexity is becoming the key for the art form, and this one delivers—big time. The new technique is to mash multiple artists, as many as five, in fact.

The underlying dance tracks in this recipe benefit from adding juicy bits from Carly Rae Jepsen as the meat and bones, producing an irresistible beat which only serves to elevate all the tracks to a new level.

The three-minute tidbit leaves Rihanna fans begging for more, and the mixologist who made this work, ClaireRedfield55, obliges with links to an extensive download file portfolio parked at mediafire.com.

In the pursuit to promote mashups as a way for the average fan to participate and interact with their favorite musical artists, without starting up a full-blown entertainment company, this is the kind of work which can only serve to widen the field.

Check it out:

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