Rihanna Wants People to Stop Judging Her

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Rihanna wants people–especially those closest to her–to stop judging her, especially on her choice of wanting Chris Brown back. However it must be hard for those who care for her not to judge such a seemingly poor decision.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, RiRi wants her entourage to support her in her effort to get back together with Breezy.

RiRi Rihanna - Bridgetown, BarbadosA source close to the “Where Have You Been” singer says she “is fed up with her entourage judging her for wanting to get back together with Chris Brown. Her team was there with her in 2009 when she got brutally beat up by Chris and they don’t want to see it happen again. They want to protect Ri, but she feels like she is just being judged and is sick and tired of it.”

Who can blame these people? Would you condone a reconciliation between a good friend of yours and someone who mistreated her? Would you support that friend unequivocally even if it meant she might wind up hurt both physically and emotionally again?

“Ri’s entourage is like her family and she wants to feel accepted by them,” her friend adds. “She has repeatedly expressed that Chris is the love of her life and that he has changed. Her entourage includes some of the closest people in her life, like her make-up artist, wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, choreographer. These people have been with RiRi from the very beginning. They just want what’s best for her. They don’t want to see another tragic incident and quite frankly they don’t like how Rihanna acts when she is around Chris. They don’t think Chris brings out the best in her.”

How do you feel about Ri and Chris Brown getting back together? Is she setting herself up for definite disappointment? He hasn’t even broken things off with Karrueche Tran yet.

Even if Chris has worked on his anger issues, there’s no guarantee that old issues won’t reignite that anger ending in a situation that’s similar–or possibly even worse–than what they went through before.

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