Rihanna’s Father Called Her Fat

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Rihanna is one of the hottest women in music today, but it’s very possible that her self-esteem suffered quite a blow when her own father told her that she was too fat.

Anyone who has been a fan of RiRi ever since she made umbrellas sound sexy can easily see that she’s always looked great, and it really doesn’t seem like her weight has fluctuated all that much. However, according to the Daily Mail, the singer’s dad Ronald Fenty admitted that he told his daughter that she was too fat the last time he saw her last year.

He went on to say that she looked great by the time the Grammys rolled around after she slimmed down through dieting and exercise, but it’s still awful that a father would tell his healthy-looking daughter that she looks too heavy. Rihanna’s father might not have ever physically abused her like Chris Brown did, but if he’s always saying such emotionally hurtful things to his daughter, it’s no wonder she has such bad taste in men.

Girls often look to their fathers for love and acceptance, so such a comment has to hurt. And RiRi isn’t even overweight at all! The singer’s relationship with her dad hasn’t been a good one, so hopefully she doesn’t care too much about what he thinks anymore. RiRi once admitted that she grew up watching her father beat her mother, so it’s no wonder that she doesn’t like to spend a lot of time with him.

Since Ronald Fenty has such a history with women, perhaps it should come as no surprise that he said this about Chris Brown: “Chris is a nice guy and everyone is entitled to make a mistake in their life – God knows how many I’ve made. She’s her own woman now.” So he calls his daughter fat and the guy who beat her up “a nice guy” – hopefully there’s someone in Rihanna’s life who is on her side.

So what do you think of Fenty’s comments – was he just joking, or are his words thoughtless, hurtful, and horrible?

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