Rihanna’s See-Through Top was Too Much!

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Rihanna has an interesting fashion sense and this past week, she had people talking with her choice of shirt. The singer sported a see-through shirt revealing everything underneath as she didn’t wear a bra; nipples, cleavage, the works! And while she may have felt comfortable wearing the shirt out in public, her fans aren’t really sure what to make of it. Surely, many people won’t be heading down to their local clothing store to see if they can find something like it.

In fact, according to a PEOPLE poll, readers think that the singer’s choice in fashions these days has crossed the line. 83.63 percent of voters believe that Rihanna‘s see-through top was too much and the singer had crossed the line. There is nothing sexy about revealing everything. Perhaps she wore it to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who she is supposedly trying to win back, but someone should tell her that class could get her further.

16.37 percent of voters believed that the singer can do and wear whatever she wants whenever she wants. She doesn’t want to answer to anybody, especially about her choice in clothing. But one has to wonder just how her parents must feel about her daring choice in clothes.

What do you think of the see-through breast shirt?

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