Ring Around The Rosy, by Jackie Fullerton

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When a very nice old lady is suddenly murdered in Florida her neighbors are shocked. But the neighbors’ future-daughter-in-law Anne Marshall finds herself as much intrigued as horrified, and she proceeds to investigate even as friends, strangers and her dead father warn her off.

Ring Around the Rosy is the third in author Jackie Fullerton’s Anne Marshall mysteries. Reminiscent of the old Randall and Hopkirk TV series, these novels tell of a young woman with a magnetic attraction for murder. She’s engaged to a wonderful guy, surrounded by genuine friends, and ably assisted by the father she once hoped to work for. Unfortunately said father is dead and Anne is the only person who can see him, but he’s saved her from several scrapes before and he undoubtedly will again.

A line from the old nursery rhyme Ring Around the Rosy is pinned to the victim’s body. Being English, I remember the words slightly differently. Not that is matters but it does make one of the revelations a little less fraught with meaning. Thanksgiving approaches. Funerals are planned. A handsome cop distracts Anne both from the case and from her fully committed love. And a few real-world lessons on loyalty, honesty and temptation slip under the radar as Anne tries to solve a crime, resolve her own attractions, and determine the path of her future. It all reads smoothly, fits together well, and creates another intriguing mystery with just the right gentle touches of romance and the paranormal.

Jackie Fullerton assembles a convincing ensemble of fun characters and keeps them together throughout these mysteries. If you’re familiar with the series you’ll love seeing how the relationships play out. If not, Ring Around the Rosy will introduce you to the most important characters gently and naturally and almost certainly get you hooked.


Disclosure: I was given a free sample book for review purposes only.

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