‘Ringer’ Premieres To Mixed Response

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Audience response to Ringer which premiered last night on the CW network has been mixed. Despite the Buffy fan base appeal, can Sarah Michelle Gellar keep viewers tuned in?

With many big name television stars making returns this fall, including Christina Applegate in Up All Night, one of the most touted and anticipated is the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the new CW series Ringer. With most new fall shows premiering next week, the new show starring the Buffy alum got a jump-start on gaining viewers in the time slot last night, but the question remains will they come back next week?

While the initial response to the first episode of the series was mostly positive with fans tweeting praise like, “Couldn’t get enough of #RINGER I’m watching it again :) SMG is Flawless. She back to ‘SLAY'” — @JustinL0VELY, there was also a good amount of negative reactions bouncing around the Twitter-verse as well.

As one viewer so aptly pointed out, “The CGI on Ringer is really cringe worthy, lmao. I think I’ll give this show a few more watches. I was really bored though, nil.” — @rollerride. While the effects on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s fan favorite series Buffy, weren’t exactly James Cameron worthy either, the nature of the show was a little different so it was excusable, not mention it was nearly a decade ago. Besides the effects many seemed to think the show moved too slowly and was simply boring.

No doubt the execs at the CW will be waiting with baited breath to see what next weeks ratings are like. A strong dip is sure to indicate that Sarah Michelle Gellar alone is not enough to carry an other wise weak series. Did you tune in for the premiere? Will you be coming back for more?

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