Riot at “Earth Wind and Fire” Concert (Video)

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A riot broke out at an “Earth Wind and Fire” concert which ended the festivities with vendor booths destroyed, a store window smashed, and many hurt after police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the crowd in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, and the crowd behaved like hooligans not Bohemians.

Twelve people were treated for cuts from broken glass, and another was admitted to the hospital but since released for his wounds. Now because of the behavior of some 400 rioters, the annual event was cancelled, and Sunday’s event would be the last, according to The Coloradoan.

Thousands of people had come to the “Earth Wind and Fire” concert to enjoy Bohemian night, but 400 rioters ruined it for everyone. Some of the rioters threw beer bottles and anything they could get their hands on at police. Police showed tremendous restraint.

In this video, you can see the vicious and disgusting crowd react to the police’s attempt to defend themselves and others. Why can’t people just have a nice evening without the throwing of beer bottles and setting trash on fire. In the video you can hear some cursing at police. What did they want police to do? Would they want the riot to grow when there are people that actually came to enjoy the concert and not have beer bottles thrown at them? It is absolutely disgusting. 

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