‘RIP Chris Brown’ Twitter Trend Goes After Breezy

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Chris Brown has joined the ranks of Bon Jovi, Snooki, and other living celebs because the trending topic on Twitter right now says so! While some people are hoping it’s the truth and others are undoubtedly angry at the online death of Breezy, let’s face it. This is just awesome.

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Currently one of the trending topics on Twitter is “RIP Chris Brown.” Just a few days ago it was “We Love You Chris Brown,” so it’s quite a change. Maybe it’s because the people behind this are many who are angry that this idiot’s been forgiven just a couple of years after brutally beating Rihanna, putting her in the hospital. Team Breezy has already jumped to the defense of the world’s worst dressed man (according to GQ), and some of the Tweets sharing the trending tag are just hilarious, if not disturbing.

RIP Chris Brown, died with a belt around his neck and oddly wearing women’s bra and panties. found in a closet i guess —said this Twitter user.

“RIP Chris Brown” he died?!?!? —said one confused person.

They forgot a word. RIP Chris Brown Haters —said this guy.

It’s hard to say whether Breezy’s last tweet was in regard to his recent Twitter death or not, because all it said was “Cool!” and it was just a couple of minutes after his death began trending on the popular social networking site.

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Do you think this latest trend of Twitter celebrity death is amusing, or is it just in poor taste? Do you think the latest Twit-death of Chris has anything to do with how negative a lot of the world sees him (aside from his loyal band of Twitter fans, of course!)? A recent Gawker article summed it all up with a title “No, We don’t Have to Forgive Chris Brown,” and it was correct, especially since just an hour ago, the Daily Mail revealed more of this so-called entertainer’s smug attitude and lack of grace. He took to his Twitter account a few hours before his online death and said the following:

HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F*** OFF.

He has no class, and he never will. He will always be a nobody, even if the entertainment industry has forgiven him enough to give him a Grammy. A Grammy doesn’t necessarily mean a career is going to continue so well. A Grammy can also mean a kiss goodbye and a boot to the rear-end out the proverbial door. Some people feel that Nicki Minaj’s performance may end hers, and a famous Grammy performance and there are certainly other celebs in the past who experienced the same if not worse issues after attending the famous event.

Chris Brown’s behavior these last several hours following his performance only shows that he’s the same old Chris. The same Chris who put his girlfriend in the hospital in 2009; the same Chris who threw a temper tantrum on the set of a nationally broadcast morning show; and he’s the same Chris that continues to behave as if he were a 12-year-old unruly kid.

RIP Chris Brown’s Career.

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