RIP Lady Gaga: Twitter Celeb Assassin Strikes Again

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RIP Lady Gaga is currently trending on Twitter, but before you little monsters start tripping out, rest assured that this is just another troll. The Twitter celebrity assassins who e-killed Chris Brown, Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber decided to take a stab at Mother Monster herself.

Portrait of a young, pale-skinned Caucasian female with blond hairShe just tweeted seconds before her death turned into a trending topic on the microblogging network. RIP Lady Gaga is finding itself at the top of the trending list either way with such tweets as:

“Fudge the Haters” – AIR, JK. IM NATALLIE

“Really means Really Italian Person” – Electra Heart

“RIP Gaga, your career died when Katy Perry won a Grammy” — Ipek

Mother Monster is not dead, so don’t worry. She is working tonight apparently, as some of her tweets before her ‘death’ began to trend indicated that she was writing music and loving it.

Do you think these Twitter celebrity assassins provide the world with entertainment? Or is this just a sick game being played by online trolls? Some people get all kinds of steamed over faked deaths because it’s such a serious topic for some. Hopefully Gaga tweets something about it to laugh it off. She doesn’t seem like she’d be as uptight as some of her fans.

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