RIP Snooki: New Twitter Celebrity Death!

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Is Snooki dead? The latest trending topic on Twitter is “RIP Snooki,” which could mean anything these days. It seems that every day there is a new celebrity death hoax from Bon Jovi and Charlie Sheen to rapper Drake and now everyone’s favorite guidette from the Jersey Shore.

Aside from Snooki being a trending death right now, Taylor Swift has also been a dead girl lately on the popular micro-networking site. International Business Times made the witty joke of referring to Twitter as a serial killer, picking off celebs one-after-the-next.

Snooki isn’t dead, just like Taylor Swift or the other Twitter deaths you’ve been seeing these days. Some people find this distasteful, and have expressed their negative reactions to such hoaxes. However, it’s all in cheeky fun and it sure does get a rise out of people.

How do these trends get started on Twitter though? Does it take a whole group of people or can you just start the hash tag and wait for it to go viral? It’s interesting how frequent celebrities die on Twitter, (but not in real life of course!)

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