Risa's Leftover Macaroni & Cheese Mess

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I got a bit of the inspiration for this from watching "Just Cook This" a new tv show on Discovery Health Channel.

Sam, The Cooking Guy, made something with pesto and vegetables and it sparked an idea in my head, altho' not like his dish (I think it was a sandwich if I'm not mistaken).

I had a plastic container filled with about 2-3 cups of leftover homemade 3-Cheese Macaroni & Cheese sitting in the refrigerator. I grabbed it, along with a jar of pesto sauce, a tomato from the garden, some leftover broccoli and a container of half-and-half.

I heated a large skillet. I added the mac n cheese and began to break it into single pieces of pasta (I used a penne for the original mac n cheese). When that was done, I poured in a bit of the half-and-half. I let it heat up, it helped to separate the mac a bit more. It looked just like pasta with alfredo sauce. I added the chopped tomato, chopped broccoli and the pesto sauce. I let it heat through. Mixed it well. Served it.

It was out of this world. Picture to come. Still in camera.

This was out of this world delicious! Now I know what to do with leftover homemade mac n cheese. This cannot be done with the boxed kind. It will not become creamy.

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               Risa's Leftover Homemade Mac n Cheese Thing

Recipe By     : RisaG 9/14/07
Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Main Dish

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient — Preparation Method
——–  ————  ——————————–
   3      cups          homemade macaroni & cheese — leftovers
   2      tb            half-and-half — or heavy cream
   1      tb            pesto sauce — homemade pref.
   2                    tomatoes — chopped
   1      stalk         cooked broccoli — chopped

Preheat a large skillet. Add the macaroni and cheese, break it up with a spatula or spork. Add the half-and-half. When it is heated up, break up the mac a bit more until every piece of pasta is separate. Add the tomatoes, broccoli and pesto sauce. Mix it and let the veggies heat through.

Serve. No garnish necessary (just pile the veggies on the top). No parmesan necessary, but it would be an excellent topping.

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NOTES : Risa's note:

You must use homemade macaroni & cheeese for this. Boxed mix will not do. It will not become creamy as you mix it. That is the important point – this becomes a lot like pasta with alfredo sauce when it is done.


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