Ritz Crackerfuls, A Review of the New Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Flavor

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Ritz has recently introduced a new line of crackers called Crackerfuls, which seem to achieve the exact opposite effect of Ritz Bits, while still having that great Ritz cracker taste. Crackerfuls are very generous sized crackers with fillings aimed at more adult tastes, such as Garlic Herb or Four Cheese. In this case, Cheddar Cheese and Bacon was the new flavor on offer, and a tasty one it is.

In fact, it’s easy to equate this Crackerful flavor to a bacon cheeseburger in cracker form. There’s the smoky bacon taste without being overwhelming. At 130 calories, it’s a satisfying substitute when you get that craving for a bacon cheeseburger, but don’t want to go there. Unlike smaller crackers, the portion size is satisfying too. With each larger cracker wrapped separately (six per box), they are easily portable.

When given the opportunity to test the product through a sponsored program at Gather, it was the chance to see if Ritz had come through with another great product, and the new Bacon and Cheddar flavor made that testing even more appealing.

As with most packaged products, however, the sodium content is high (250 mg per cracker), but manageable if you can limit yourself to a single serving. Other nutrition information can be found here on the Crackerfuls site.

For those looking for a satisfying snack to meet that bacon cheeseburger craving without indulging or those just looking for a tasty new cracker to try, Ritz Crackerfuls are sure to please.

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