‘Rizzoli & Isles’ ‘Crazy for You’ Recap: Love and Murder

Rizzoli & Isles season 3 continues with episode 7, “Crazy for You.” It begins with someone entering Dr. Eve and Rod Parker’s office and shooting both of them. Angela reintroduces Jane to Dominick as he drops off the bread. Dr. Pike is back, one of the doctors of the symposium they’re hosting. He’s complaining about requesting his special meal when, after wrong number texts addressing her as “hon,” Jane gets a call about the murders.

Rod was an expert in delusional disorders, while she disliked children. Were they both targets? Their patient sign-in list only has initials. Jane notices latex from the shooter’s glove on Rod; there could be a print. Pike, Billy, and Popov join Maura in autopsy over the body, each with their own theory. Meanwhile, the detectives are looking into Rod and Eve. She had many haters, including Valerie, who had a blog about it. She was at a book signing Eve held the day before.

Angela has a new car, as part of being Employee of the Month for Can’O Espress’o. She has to do some promotion, and she’s in the middle of it when a pregnant woman hits her. She’s at the station because of unpaid parking tickets. The father left her. When Frankie sees her name (Lydia Sparks), he finds Jane and tells her. This is the girl their father was seeing. Valerie has an alibi.

They go to Judge Allen to try to get the patient list, but he’s not convinced that there’s a link between the patients and the murders. Maura is not happy that Pike is handing out swag and hasn’t begun the autopsy yet. Jane gets her back on track. Jane gets another text from some guy who thinks she’s his wife and tells Maura about Lydia. Maura tells Jane that Tommy slept with Lydia.

Frost found a camera aimed at a building nearby and found a city car collecting footage of the city. It picks up Judge Eugene Allen, dressed as a woman. That’s why he wouldn’t sign the warrant. They find him in his chambers, and he says Dr. Parker helped him. He’s now enjoying his life and work because Rod encouraged him to be himself. Behind closed doors, he’s Eugenia. He signs the warrant.

Jane keeps getting texts. Maura suggests telling Angela about Lydia and wonders if that’s why her father called off the engagement. Did he find out about Lydia and Tommy? A drunk Pike tells Maura he’s in love with her and begins crying and his investments. Popov pulls him back, and the two end up in a pathetic attempt of a fight. Billy breaks it up and offers up a technique that could help with the case.

Maura and Jane tells Frankie about Lydia and Tommy moments before Angela walks in with Lydia, who appears to be drunk. Maura realizes she’s slipping into a diabetic coma and has Frankie call an ambulance.

The next morning, Pike doesn’t remember the night before. Billy joins them with his machine and is able to get a partial print off a shell casing. While Jane and Korsak look over the fingerprints, Frost sees that Parker called Jane three times the week before. Dominick’s truck is blocking Jane’s car in, and when he tells her to put his bread back in and he’ll move it, she does, only for him to kidnap her.

Angela meets Maura and Frankie at the bar, and while Jane doesn’t show up, she wants answers and knows it has to do with Tommy. They join Frost and Korsak at Jane’s car. She’s not answering her phone. Frankie leaves to take Angela home while Frost tries to track Jane’s phone. Maura realizes that Parker could’ve called her to warn her of a patient and connects it to the texts she was getting. Putting the partial prints together from the casing and glove gets them to Dominick, who served time for stalking and maiming. Because of his disorder, he believes Jane is in love with him. Jane comes to cuffed to a bed and with Dominick lying next to her. He changed her clothes and kisses her before leaving to get dinner.

Frost discovers that Dominick set up a webcam recently and gets access. They see Jane on the bed, and Maura realizes it’s her apartment. The detectives hurry over, but when they get there, she’s not there. Dominick has set everything up like Jane’s room after spying on her and has even photoshopped pictures of them together and made up vacations they went on. When she tries to play along, he tells her not to lie. Maura watches and says she has to keep him in the fantasy. Frost can’t find him because he’s hiding the IP address even though he’s live-streaming it.

Jane notices the computer and comments on it. He mentions being at Bridgewater and Emily, and it turns out he threw acid in her face. When Dominick leaves the room to get dinner, Jane talks to the camera and asks them to find her. She tells them what they hear, and Maura notices the radiator and window frame. Frost narrows it down and finds the building. They burst in and save her just in time.

Later on, Maura and Jane are relaxing when Maura says she’s thinking of freezing her eggs. She doesn’t think marriage is for her but wants to preserve the option of having kids. Jane teases her about Pike.

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